Electricity Power Cut Schedule In Sri Lanka

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Electricity Power Cut Schedule In Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka power cut schedule for Feb 24 over 4 hours EconomyNext from economynext.com


Sri Lanka is a small island nation located in the Indian Ocean, off the southeast coast of India. It is home to many beautiful beaches and a diverse culture. The country has a tropical climate and is known for its agricultural production, including tea and rubber. But it is also one of the most electricity-dependent countries in the world, with over 70% of its electricity coming from thermal sources. This means that power cuts are a common occurrence in Sri Lanka, especially during the summer months when demand is high.

Understanding Electricity Power Cuts in Sri Lanka

In 2021, the Sri Lankan government implemented a new electricity power cut schedule in an effort to better manage the country’s electricity supply. The new schedule divides the day into four parts: morning, afternoon, evening, and night. During each part of the day, certain areas of the country will be subject to power cuts. The length of the power cuts varies, ranging from 30 minutes to four hours.

Effects of Power Cuts

Power cuts have a dramatic effect on the day-to-day lives of Sri Lankans. Industries, businesses and homes rely heavily on a stable and reliable electricity supply, and power cuts can have a detrimental effect on their operations. People who work from home are particularly affected, as their ability to work is greatly reduced due to slow internet speeds and other disruptions. Additionally, people who rely on electric appliances for cooking and other household chores suffer greatly during power cuts.

Government Solutions

The government of Sri Lanka has taken steps to mitigate the effects of power cuts. In 2021, they announced the launch of a solar energy project, which aims to increase the country’s solar energy production by up to 50%. This will help to reduce the reliance on thermal sources of electricity, and hopefully reduce the number of power cuts. Additionally, the government has implemented new regulations that require businesses and industries to adopt energy efficient practices and technologies to reduce their electricity consumption.

Private Solutions

In addition to government initiatives, private companies are also offering their own solutions to the power cut problem. Many companies are offering solar panel installations, which can help households and businesses reduce their electricity consumption and become less reliant on the national grid. Additionally, some companies are offering batteries and generators, which can provide back-up power in the event of a power cut. These solutions can help to reduce the effects of power cuts on households and businesses.


Electricity power cuts are a common problem in Sri Lanka, and they can have a dramatic effect on the lives of people who depend on electricity for their daily lives. The government has implemented several initiatives to reduce the number of power cuts, but private companies are also providing solutions. Solar panel installations, batteries and generators are all viable options for those who want to reduce the impact of power cuts on their lives.


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