How To Check Lesco Bill Online In Lahore 2020?

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How To Check Lesco Bill Online In Lahore 2020?
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With the advancement of technology, almost everything is now done online. Checking and paying electricity bills is not an exception. The Lesco bill online system developed by the government of Pakistan makes it easy for consumers to check their electricity bills conveniently and quickly. The online Lesco bill check system is available to all customers in Lahore, Pakistan.

Benefits of Checking LESCO Bill Online

The Lesco bill online system has a number of advantages for its users. By using the online system, customers can save their time by avoiding the hassle of visiting the electricity office or waiting for their bill to arrive via postal mail. This system also helps customers to save their money as it eliminates the need for them to pay any kind of physical bill payment fees. Moreover, customers can also take advantage of the payment tracking and history management features of the system.

How to Check LESCO Bill Online in Lahore 2020?

The online bill checking process is fairly simple and straightforward. To begin with, the user must visit the official Lesco website. Once there, they must register their account by entering personal information such as name, address, phone number, and email address. After registration is complete, the user can then log in to their account and check their electricity bill. The user can also make payments directly to their electricity bill through the system.

Once the user has logged in to their account, they can view their current and past electricity bills. The user can also track the payment history of their electricity bills and make payments for them directly through the system. The user can also set up auto payments for their bills and get notifications when their bills are due. The system also allows the user to apply for any kind of rebate or discount offered by the government.

Tips for Checking LESCO Bill Online

To make the most of the Lesco bill online system, users should make sure that they keep their login information secure. They should also make sure that their account is up-to-date with the correct billing information. It is also important for users to keep track of their payment history and to always pay their electricity bills on time. This will help them to avoid any kind of late payment fees or penalties.

In addition, users should also view their bills regularly to ensure that they are not being overcharged. If they find any discrepancies, they should contact the Lesco customer service representatives as soon as possible to have the issue resolved. Lastly, users should make sure that they are aware of any government rebates or discounts that may be available to them.


The Lesco bill online system is a great way for customers in Lahore to conveniently and quickly check their electricity bills. By using this system, customers can save their time and money and also keep track of their payment history. With these tips, customers can make sure that they are taking full advantage of the Lesco bill online system.


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